Since 2015 Michael Nunnery has had a successful team at two different brokerages, and in 2019 decided to form what is now Michael Nunnery Real Estate Group.  The idea behind the brokerage is that of a “Boutique Brokerage” experience. To where the agents that join, are able to have the ability to have their Broker be available to coach and train the agents, as well as be available to assist the agents during their transactions, should they need any assistance or guidance on matters that may come up. This also gives the clientele a more one on one personalized experience. One where they do not get lost in a sea of agents, and all the glitz and glamour.  They are guided through the home buying process from start to finish with “white glove” service and expertise. This is what truly sets good vs great agents apart.  This is our goal, our mission. To serve our clients at the highest levels. We do this through the personalized touch. Focusing on what matters to the client, educating them on the market, knowing the product better than anyone else.

MNREG offers agents the opportunity to not only learn the “retail” side of residential real estate, but being a niche Brokerage with years of expertise in “Investment” residential real estate, agents are trained and given tools to help grow their investment side of their business as well.

If you are a new agent, and are trying to jumpstart your business, we can also assist helping grow your business.  We have lead a generation platform that offers buyer/seller leads that are already “scrubbed”. What that means is that rather than a traditional “Zillow” lead just coming across your desk, this lead will have been vetted and either being pre-qualified, or already qualified as a buyer and they will be ready to go as a warm hand off.  There are some leads possibilities for you that you will have that are also “Cold” and you can work the lead the same way. We tailor it to you what your needs are. We offer several other lead generation platforms as well, all of which you can choose to use or not to use, it is totally left up to you.

MNREG tailors the agents compensation split and fee’s to fit their own business model, and are set up to incentivize the agent to really take their business to the next level. Simply put, we work and incentivize you to grow your business and our commission structure allows you to scale your business and is a win-win for all.

Please call or email today to set your appointment to become the next agent at Michael Nunnery Real Estate Group.

Features of the Brokerage:

·       Central Location (Downtown Tampa)

·       Direct broker support

·       Sales training

·       Lead Generation

·       Disbursement authorizations for Agents to be paid at close

·       Competitive compensation splits

·       Dotloop contract system

·       Internal listing, open house opportunities monthly/bi-monthly

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